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Concept & Design – Analysis & Evaluation – Optimization & Scaling

Who whould benefit from Plasmawise services?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to bring to market a unique product utilizing Cold Atomospheric Plasma technology
  • Businesses that can use Cold Atomospheric Plasma in their process/product but don’t have the knowledge or staff to develop it further
  • Investors looking to be part of a revolutionary technology that will yield substantial returns

As your trusted partner, we understand your needs and implement your requests proficiently in order to launch a joint product within the scopes of either a licensing model or a profit participation. 

Plasmawise team offers the following services to achieve our goal of bringing Cold Atmospheric Plasma technology to companies and consumers worldwide:

Educating customers about Cold Plasmas and potential uses
Conducting R&D Studies based on customer needs and requirements
Developing prototypes and commercial products at our partner labs
Measurement and test engineering, PCB layout, data analysis
Managing IP rights and ownership processes with partner lawyers and agencies
Providing marketing and sales services at academic and industrial conferences

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