About us

Who we are and what we do

We provide products and solutions using Cold Atmostpheric Plasma (CAP) technology for commercial and consumer use.  Our staff focuses on advancing CAP technology for successful commercialization projects.

Plasmawise works with businesses, large corporations, universities, institutes, and Plasma experts. We aim to bring new products and solutions to market that use this game changing technology. Plasmawise benefits industries such as: Energy, Environmental Control, Industrial Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Agriculture, Medicine, and Food Safety.

Located in southern France in Marseille and offering a broad range of services – based on our existing patents in the area of cold atmospheric plasmas – we can provide unique features for your existing products or we can expand your product portfolio.


Our team of experienced engineers, scientists, technicians, and business professionals  maintain our competitive advantage by remaining at the cutting edge of plasma technology innovation


We design and build custom power supplies, plasma reactors, or entire plasma systems to fit our your needs


Plasma power supplies and reactors for research of various applications such as wound healing, water pH control, increased crop production, waste to energy, and surface sterilization.


Our vast network gives us confidence in our concept of being a conduit for applied research and an incubator for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take a product from idea to commercialization.


Customized solutions using plasma to improve existing products and industrial systems.


Our goal goal is to bridge the gap from existing research to developed market realities.