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Why choose Plasmawise?

Since 2018 Plasmawise has been providing products and solutions using Cold Atmostpheric Plasma (CAP) technology for commercial and consumer use.  Our staff focuses on advancing CAP technology for successful commercialization projects.

Plasmawise works with businesses, large corporations, universities, institutes, and Plasma experts. We aim to bring new products and solutions to market that use this game changing technology. Plasmawise benefits industries such as: EnergyEnvironmental Control, Industrial Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Agriculture, Medicine, and Food Safety.

Our world-leading R&D team works with you to turn an unmet medical need into a user-friendly, effective, and affordable medical device.

As one of the pioneers in medical cold plasma, we have vast experience in co-developing innovative medical solutions. We have partnered with leading global companies in order to bring new innovative products to market.

Have more questions about cold plasma technology for medical applications? Read the cold plasma frequently asked questions.

Why we are the right partner for you

Partner with us

Plasmawise is currently looking to collaborate in the development of several new exciting Cold Plasma medical applications. Contact us for more information.