pWise portable plasma device

pWise® portable device

The hand-held battery-operated pWISE plasma device developed by Plasmawise incorporates an electrode that operates with the Surface Micro Discharge (SMD) technology and uses the surrounding air for plasma production.

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Plasma printing process

μPlasma printing

The μPlasmaPrint technology is a digital-on-demand plasma printing platform based on a commercially available printing motion platform, ideal for surface functionalization and process research. 


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Plasma Air Purifier

Plasmawise Air Purifier is an effective and efficient Cold Plasma generator to deodorize, disinfect, purify the ambient air of studios, shops, offices, homes or medical practices.

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Nail Fungus Treatment

Plasmawise has developed an affordable, innovative, hand-held cold plasma device to treat nail fungus (onychomycosis). This new device provides a breakthrough solution. 

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