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What is a plasma?
“Plasma” is an ionized gas – one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas.

Are all plasmas the same?
No, absolutely not. That would be as absurd as to argue that all liquids in general are the same (such as milk, water, rum, petrol etc). Scientists have researched a variety of plasmas in more than 500 publications over the past 40 years. Even cold atmospheric plasmas – as a subsection in the field of plasma physics – can be found in many different forms with a diversity of effects.

What is the diference between plasma and a laser?
A laser emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. Plasma is an ionized gas generated through an electromagnetic field. Plasma discharges can be utilized in laser technology. Furthermore, lasers can be used to generate a plasma discharge.

Can the plasma effects be designed?
Yes – to a limited extent plasma can be optimized, e.g. for bactericidal efficiency, wound healing, skin disorders, odour reduction, etc.

So is plasma like incineration?
No. incineration is complete combustion of a material, and the end products are water and carbon dioxide. Plasma can be used to decompose gases into valuable products such and hydrogen and carbon monoxide. It can also be paired with a partial oxidation process to produce valuable products. The goal of plasma processing is to produce valuable products as an alternative to complete combustion.

Is the use of plasma safe?
The existing technology has been tested in every possible way and found to be safe.

Is Plasmawise an R&D company
Although Plasmawise is capable of providing R&D services, we are a fully managed services commercialization company that collaborates with industry partners to bring to market game changing products and solutions that utilize plasma technology.

What does Plasmawise?
Plasmawise specializes in providing custom products and solutions using non-thermal plasma technology for commercial as well as consumer use in the fields of Energy, Environmental Control, Agriculture, Medicine, 3D Printing, and Industrial applications.