The fourth state of matter

Cold plasma and its characteristics

Cold atmospheric plasma is characterized by diversity and flexibility. Within the range of all potential and already existing plasma sources, the following features dominate:

Successful fight against microorganisms and odour molecules

Cold atmospheric plasma inactivates very efficiently bacteria (regardless of the specie and the resistance level to antibiotics), fungi, viruses, spores and odour molecules.

Less than 40 degrees

Cold atmospheric plasma is “cold” and can be applied to temperature-sensitive materials or surfaces and human tissue.

No waste

For the production of cold atmospheric plasma only electricity and ambient air is required. No waste management required.


The plasma chemistry, which the “plasma cocktail” generated by plasma, can and must be designed individually for each and every application – e.g. for medical technology or water treatment.

Standard conditions

Cold atmospheric plasma is generated at atmospheric pressure and can therefore easily be applied on Earth.

Agile and adaptable

Cold atmospheric plasma is a gas and is therefore able to access complex surface structures as well as thin/narrow capillaries.