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Projects and references

Our projects

We are currently working on various projects with different SMEs as well as global companies, in the fields of medical technology, hygiene, water treatment and odour management. For confidentiality reasons we are not able to divulge all these projects at this point in time.

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Commercialized products


– Experience the versatility of plasma printing

The μPlasmaPrint station is a fully integrated platform for digital-on-demand plasma printing based on a commercially available printing motion platform, ideal for process research. The system includes partner Innophysics μPlasmaPrint head, substrate table and power supply. Furthermore, the system offers a PC based intuitive graphical user interface. The hardware and software architecture have a very open character, enabling researchers to push their research beyond the current state of the art.


Combining flexibility of digital printing and versatility of atmospheric plasma processing


Simple XYZ platform automation integration


Low environmental impact (no chemicals, primers or vacuum)


Large material application capability

Our subsidiary companies

InnoPhysics offers services and equipment in the field of plasma surface treatment. The patented μPlasmaPrint technology provides a unique, contact-less, mask-less and digital way of treating non-conductive substrates with plasma.


InnoPhysics has made its plasma printing technology available in the form of a Modkit, which is a kit specifically designed such that it can be integrated into different motion platforms. Once installed, the μPlasmaPrint hardware can be exchanged back for the original hardware and vice versa. The control settings for the μPlasmaPrint process can be integrated into an existing graphical user interface, or it can be supplied with its own user interface.

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