Electromagnetic Emission from Cold Plasma leads to the death of melanoma cancer cells


Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, thermal radiation and electromagnetic (EM) waves are among the active species that are generated in cold atmospheric plasmas (CAP). Research on the effects CAP on biological materials have shown that nearly all the effects were observed due to chemical factors. Recent research published in pubmed shows that death of melanoma cancer cells can be the result of the EM emission from CAP.

Rapid leakage of bulk solutions from the cancer cell

Stronger growth inhibition of melanoma cell with resitance to reactive species is observed due to the effect of the physical factors. It is understood that the inhibition is caused by physically-triggered factors and lead to a new type of cell death triggered by the leackage of the bulk solutions of the cells. Different plasma discharges topologies have been tested and the cell death were observed not only for discharges that occur at small gaps between the bulk CAP and the cells but also for macroscale gaps. This recent research demonstrates the possibility to use CAP technology as a non-invasive physically-based treatment for cancer.


More information can be found on: National Center for Biotechnology Information

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